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For all Araucana Chicken growers, and lovers of the unique fowl, the highly anticipated ‘Araucana Experience’ book is now available! Written by an expert in Araucana and Mapuche chicken breeding, Edd Sheppard has taken his knowledge of over 47 years of continuous Araucana chicken flock maintenance to a new level in this book; sharing valuable insights, history, breeding techniques, flock maintenance and more on these delightful and unusual breed of chickens. For all students of fowl, and those wishing to jump into the ever-growing demand of breeding or selling Araucana chickens and eggs, this book is a must-read!

Araucana Experience will open your eyes to the exciting background of the Araucana Chickens, how they came to be in the United States, as well as extremely important tips on breeding and maintaining Araucana flocks. Edd Sheppard’s book is probably the most comprehensive book on Araucana and Mapuche chickens that you’ll ever read and will become your ‘go to’ book for getting your chicken hatchery to the healthiest and productive state possible.

Share the gift of knowledge by presenting ‘Araucana Experience’ to all who have an interest in the ‘blue egg laying’ breed of chickens!

Araucana Experience Book
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