Araucana Registry

This organization exists to assist in the perpetuation of all Araucana and other Mapuche chicken types by providing directories, communication, networking forums, classified ad presentation and information for the participation of members.

Welcome to the world of blue egg laying Araucana / Mapuche chicken types including modern and historic characteristics, flock maintenance and development. We want to make available interactions that perpetuate knowledge of the various characteristics of all Mapuche related blue egg producing strains, types and projects known to have originated in south America long before European contact.

We also welcome Spanish Communications, and other language translations when necessary.

Bienvenido al mundo de huevo azul por el que se tipos de pollo Araucana / mapuches incluyendo características modernas e históricas, acuden mantenimiento y desarrollo. Queremos hacer que las interacciones disponibles que perpetúan el conocimiento de las diversas características de todos los relacionados con la producción de huevos azules cepas, tipos y proyectos mapuche conocidos que se originó en el sur de América mucho antes del contacto europeo.

Araucana History

An interesting overview of the history of the Araucana and Mapuche chickens, beginning from Malaysian Jungle fowl chicken types and migrating toward South America across the Pacific Ocean.


Promote your business and your hatchery by advertising with the Araucana Registry.  Your ads will reach people worldwide who share a common interest in the Araucana / Mapuche bird species.


Araucana hens, roosters and baby chicks are featured in this gallery.  Notice the tufts and tail-less features of the Araucanas, and unique blue and green eggs produced.

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We appreciate you coming to our World Wide Araucana Registry website! Our goal is to promote the perpetuation of all Araucana and other Mapuche chicken types with this Registry site.